Summer 2021 Video Readings

As part of my Minnesota State Arts Board grant-funded project, I am creating and posting short video poetry readings. Places may be opening up and live readings coming back, but videos can still be a way to reach readers and poetry lovers. Each video will be fully and accurately captioned. Enjoy!

8. "Microcosm" and "The Rabbits"

Two poems about childhood fears.

7. "My Father at 80" and "Current Jelly"

Tributes to a father and mother.

6. "The Year of Doctors" and "Heat Dome"

Two new poems in progress!

5. "Lake Celilo" and "On Rivers"

Two poems about rivers.

4. "Sonnet for Depression" and "Kingfisher"

The sonnet is the first poem Janna Knittel ever published and "Kingfisher" is the first poem that appears in the chapbook Fish & Wild Life (Finishing Line Press, 2018).

3. "One Day a Year I Liked Going to Church" and "Kangaroo"

The first poem is new and the second is old. Both have moments of seriousness and whimsy.

2. "Heritage" and "Transported in Peru"

Both poems will appear in the fall 2021 issue of Capella.

1: "Wardrobe" and "In Deep"

Both poems will appear in the fall 2021 issue of the journal Constellations.